YOU CAN’T JUST LIVE AS AN ISLAND is Mike Lindup’s second single from his forthcoming album CHANGES 2.
Available on Knapdale Records now across all major digital platforms.

Video shot by Mike Lindup, Toni Economedis, Mike Patto and Nichol Thomson.
Video editing and effects by Akis Vasiliou.
Written by Mike Lindup.
Produced by Toni Economedis and Mike Patto
Published by SGO Music Publishing Ltd

Mike Lindup – Lead Vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, Moog bass, top kit
Vanessa Freeman – backing vocals
Lucita Jules – backing vocals
Mike Patto – keyboards, vocal arrangements
Allan Salmon – guitars
Yolanda Charles – bass guitar
Satin Singh – percussion
Tom Walsh – trumpets
Nichol Thomson – trombones
Toni Economedis – additional drums, programming, mixing
Mastered by Neil Pickles at Revealsound

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