Special Offer: One-to-One Sessions with Mike from £120

Mike Lindup is offering coaching and mentoring sessions at the reduced price of £120 (inc. VAT) per 1-hour session, or £168 (inc. Vat) for 90 minutes, either online via Skype, or in person in London NW11.

Sessions can cover singing, composition/songwriting, arranging, piano and synthesiser playing. Work with Mike and use his experience of 38 years as a professional musician and composer with Level 42, Dominic Miller and many others, with leading West End shows such as Thriller Live, and recently as a co-composer on Liver Birds Flying Home, to help define and determine your goals, improve your abilities and stimulate your creativity.


    • For coaching via Skype or Zoom you will need a computer with a fairly fast internet connection, your voice/instrument and some way of amplifying so I can hear either via the mic on your computer or by plugging it into a soundcard/audio interface unit so it plays directly to me.
    • First, we will arrange a time for a connection test for audio and video quality. Please have Skype/Zoom and your webcam installed with functioning audio/video and high-speed internet. Widescreen view is best. When we are happy and comfortable with the test run we will arrange an initial session.
    • If you do go the soundcard/audio interface route you will probably need a mic.
    • Headphones will make it easier for you to avoid weird echoing problems.
    • You will pay in advance via Paypal.
    • I am ok if you wish to record the session(s) for your own study, but please do not upload to a public site
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