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Episode 148 – Mike Lindup of Level 42
In the states, Level 42 may only be seen as two-hit-wonders thanks to the massive success of “Something About You’ and “Lessons in Love” in the mid-80s. But around the rest of the world, Level 42 were viewed as a seriously complex group merging funk, r&b, jazz and rock in ways few others have ever done. Founding members bassist Mark King and keyboardist Mike Lindup finally closed up shop in the mid-90s, but reunited in 2006 and have steadily toured the world ever since. In this deep chat, Mike and I go over the band’s history, the stories behind some of their songs, his excellent, but under-heard solo album, and what he’s up to now. There’s also a hilarious Bill Murray story at the end. On a personal note, this is a big one for me as Mike owns my all-time favorite singing voice.

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  1. Comment by Gary McLean

    Gary McLean Reply 3 July, 2022 at 22:29

    For me Mike , Mark , and the rest of the guys who made up Level 42 through the changing years
    Were really special to me and became the soundtrack to my life
    They were always there when i was going through good times and sad times
    Thank you for all the memories

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