On The One

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  1. Madness
  2. Angelo
  3. Love Is The Answer
  4. On The One
  5. Promised Land
  6. Song For Zane

Mike Lindup: piano, keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
Phil Gould:  drums
Miles Bould:  drums
Yolanda Charles:  bass
Dominic Miller:  guitars
Chris Franck:  guitar
Sumudu Jayatilaka:  vocals
Jason Yarde:  saxes

All music composed/arranged by Mike Lindup

Produced by Kipper and Mike Lindup
© 2011 by Mike Lindup

“This is a set that demands you stop what you’re doing and really listen”
Richard Allinson

“One of Britains most talented songwriters and performers”
Lynsey De Paul

“If only when I opened my breakfast box each morning I could find songs like these, every day would be a good song day”
Chris Difford

“Mike Lindup is an artist who continues to burn with creativity”
Julian Joseph

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