One-to-One Online Coaching/Mentoring Sessions for Professional, Non-Professional, Experienced and Student Musicians

The initial meeting is where I will find out about you and your musical goals; short, medium and long-term.  I would like to hear you sing/play in order to get a sense of where you are musically and how I can help you develop.  From here we can make plans about how to move forward, and look at first things to study/what to practice etc.

Follow up sessions will give you further opportunity to bring questions and discussion around your practice, to deepen the process started in the initial session, and to really help you reach your musical goals.

1-hour session
+ VAT (£300)

2-hour session
£450 +VAT (£540)

Initial meeting 1-hour
£250 +VAT (£300)

My coaching is not curriculum based. What I offer is 37 years of experience as a successful professional musician, singer, keyboard player, songwriter, arranger, band member and musical director.  I would be looking to coach/encourage/mentor you in different areas, for example:

    • Playing/Singing/Writing – which areas do you want to develop?


    • Rhythm – how can you improve your rhythm, and enhance your work with other musicians?


    • Harmony – would you like to expand your harmonic palette to bring more possibility to your playing and composition?

The nature of my working/travelling life means that I do not teach within a weekly/monthly structure. The student will generally contact me when they are ready for the next session. There is no obligation to continue studying with me. However, if you find the sessions valuable we can continue with future sessions.




    • You will need a computer with a fairly fast internet connection, your voice/instrument and some way of amplifying so I can hear either via the mic on your computer or by plugging it into a soundcard/audio interface unit so it plays directly to me.


    • If you do go the soundcard/audio interface route you will probably need a mic.


    • Headphones will make it easier for you to avoid weird echoing problems.




    • Apply by contacting me (form below), giving details of your location, availability and what you would like to work on.


    • First, we will arrange a time for a connection test for audio and video quality. Please have Skype and your webcam installed with functioning audio/video and high-speed internet. Widescreen view is best. When we are happy and comfortable with the test run we will arrange an initial session.


    • You will pay in advance via Paypal.


    • I am ok if you wish to record the session(s) for your own study, but please do not upload to a public site.

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